About Bear Creek Engineering

Bear Creek Engineering's history is one of a quarter-century of helping its clients achieve success.

The company that would become Bear Creek Engineering began as McGinnis Industries, a drilling and completions consulting enterprise founded in 1990. From the outset, McGinnis built a reputation for success in the field through a genuine concern for its clients and the outcomes of their projects. That reputation made it a perfect fit for consolidation with Bear Creek Services, LLC, a burgeoning oil and gas service company that sought to add drilling, completion and hydraulic fracturing consulting to its suite of oil and gas industry services.

McGinnis Industries became Bear Creek Engineering when it merged with Bear Creek Services in 2006 and quickly established itself as a core component of the Bear Creek Services business model. Bear Creek Engineering's business grew 30-fold from a small local firm in 2006 to a large national firm in 2014. Its list of clients grew from 12 at the time of the merger to over a hundred, and counts among them many of the largest and most dominant oil and gas companies in the industry.

The industry downturn beginning in 2015 presented the opportunity to uncouple from Bear Creek Services.  Beginning January 1, 2016, we are now Bear Creek Engineering, LLC.  Same people, same services, same clients, just a slightly different name and a new TIN.